Buglife - No Insectinction – responding to the global catastrophe of insect declines

Recent studies paint a grim picture of the decline of insects across the planet. It is becoming increasingly clear that our planet’s ecological balance is breaking and there is an urgent need for an intense global effort to halt and reverse these dreadful trends. Allowing the insect eradication crisis to become a catastrophe is not a rational option for anyone.

Against this backdrop We have the Power began funding & since then Buglife have developed No Insectinction - how to solve the insect decline crisis. A measured response to the ever growing reports of global insect declines. The No Insectinction campaign outlines the action required to arrest the declines in, and stabilise populations of the small things that enable our planet to function.

The No Insectinction campaign has three central planks:

  • Room for insects to thrive

  • Safe spaces for insects

  • Friendlier relationship with insects

We can stop, and reverse the global declines in our insects, but only if everyone pulls together to do their bit. Small steps can have a huge impact if they all fall at the same time.

For more information: https://www.buglife.org.uk/campaigns/no-insectinction/



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