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Updated: Jun 18

As we have passed the initial shock of the Coronavirus, our Governments are considering how to tackle the huge economic slowdown that is costing jobs and livelihoods day by day. As Governments prepare to spend trillions to keep the economy afloat, it’s imperative that we heed lessons from the past and make sure that investment delivers a better future for us all, especially our young people.

Greenpeace is working hard to promote a green stimulus response that tackles the Climate & Ecological Crisis alongside the pandemic, in a way that provides a just transition for those losing jobs in high carbon declining industries by providing good quality, well paid jobs that help conserve our environment and care for our community. In August 2019, Greenpeace published a 134-point climate manifesto detailing Government action and investment needed to meet our climate commitments and build a more resilient and sustainable economy. In light of Covid-19, Greenpeace has reviewed and built on these recommendations to develop a six-month initial rapid response plan and is working closely with other organisations to press for a stimulus package that addresses these investment priorities.

Like businesses, charities are also suffering from loss of income and so Greenpeace urgently need our support so that they can carry on with their crucial work. We have the POWER is pleased to be supporting Greenpeace at this pivotal time and we urge others to do the same. Sadly, donations to environmental causes are a tiny fraction of total charitable donations, yet fundamentally, every charitable objective can only be achieved if we have a stable climate and a restored and protected environment. Whether your particular concern is children, women’s rights, hunger, disease prevention, wildlife or education, right now the best way to protect everyone and everything is by supporting those organisations working to protect and restore our environment.

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